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This is going to be a Radio Show/Podcast where I have regular conversations about fantastic subjects. From music, to food, to conspiracy theories, and everything in between. This is, The Marcus Cohen Show.

Ep. 29- TMCS- w/Sean Olk & TC

June 9th, 2021

We are now fast approaching the Summer Solstice, lest us not forget that Astrology is indeed the oldest Science on the Planet. Believe it. The Ancients knew a thing or two. Tonight we have an epic show planned for you. My Partner in Crime and Right hand woman, your favorite Red Head, and hostess with the most, Taryn Cervantes! 

And joining us as a Special Guest Host is my best friend of 25 years, and one who doesn’t take any bullshit. You may remember him all the way back from Episode 12 of this very show. He is a virtuoso on guitar and practiced law the last 4 years . Here to join us tonight via Satellite location is the Host of The Red Pill Academy Podcast, Sean Olk!

Ladies & Gentleman,  We hope you’re ready! Coming to you LIVE, from SMG Studios, broadcasting to you worldwide from the heart of the Q Operation, this is TMCS LIVE!


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