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This is going to be a Radio Show/Podcast where I have regular conversations about fantastic subjects. From music, to food, to conspiracy theories, and everything in between. This is, The Marcus Cohen Show.

Ep. 19- PennywiseDaWise -TMCS

September 10th, 2020

This momentous broadcast features a very special & talented guest. He's from a land who's roots are 5,000 miles away, yet he has more RED, WHITE, & BLUE pumping through his veins than some people I know whom live down the street! He is a VISIONARY artist, and a gifted Q Anon decoder. Here for Episode 19 of TMCS, transmitting from Studio 2 is my brother on the digital battlefield, and co-host of the popular Youtube show, 'Q Signal.' Please welcome my friend, PennywiseDaWise! Enjoy the show! Thank you for your support.

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#TheMatrixReport #SpaceForce

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