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Ep. 17 Austin Steinbart- The MC Show

July 7th, 2020

Today on The Marcus Cohen Show show we are lucky to have a very special guest. He’s been an Agent of the Defense Intelligence Agency for over a decade, otherwise known as the The DIA.  He’s an expert engineer in networking technology AND future technologies. For the last several years he’s been involved in a live action military operation, where his skills have been deployed to infiltrate places such as major data centers, hotel chains, military bases, and even TOP SECRET giant warehouses filled with tens of millions of classified documents. As you can probably imagine, being in this line of work, this Man has been jumped, robbed, kidnapped, poisoned, beaten, and even escaped assassination attempts on his very own life. Some would call him the real life 007, I just call him, ‘Q.’

Ladies & Gentlemen, this is Episode 17. Please give a warm welcome to the ever interesting and perspicacious, Austin Steinbart!


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