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Ep. 15 Craig Sawyer- The MC Show

June 23rd, 2020

Today on The Marcus Cohen Show, we have a monumental guest. He’s a hero in every sense of the word; A highly decorated veteran. As a marine sniper and a member of Seal Team 6, he IS the definition of a hero, and embodies the patriotism our Founding Fathers encapsulated when drafting the constitution. His list of heroic quests are long, and it is a true honor to have someone of his caliber on this show. He’s been the host of Top Shot on the History Channel as a weapons expert, and now he’s here to talk about his new film, Contraland, which exposes the child trafficking pedophile rings that have infected the upper echelons of our society. He is now dedicated to putting these sick predators behind bars and making them face the Wrath of GOD. Please welcome, Craig SAWMAN Sawyer!

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