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Ep. 13 Lanny Perelman- The MC Show

June 9th, 2020

Today on The Marcus Cohen Show, you will learn a little more about myself and where I come from as yet another one of my best friends joins the broadcast. We discuss our time together growing up in the San Fernando Valley. You'll hear about our passion for music and how that manifested our view of the world at an early age. He is one of the most gifted musicians I know, and someone I consider a musical genius. Of course, we go over the current events surrounding the SpaceX launches & Elon Musk and even former Astronaut, Scott Kelly. This episode is somewhat light, as we stay clear of conspiracies and politics (this time). However, this conversation is not dull! Please sit back and relax as I introduce you to the Mastermind behind Cerberus & Mureau. He is, LP5000, a.k.a Lanny Perelman. 

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